Friday, November 29, 2013

Borrowing Lenses

Now, I know as a photographer this idea doesn't seem too appealing. I mean who wants to rent a lens or use someone else's lens if you're a professional photographer? But here's an idea... You're scheduled for a photo shoot and the theme is looking for that fishbowl look... but you don't have a fishbowl lens! Well here's an idea: Borrow it!!! Yes. Borrow a lens, rent it, use it for what you need it for, and save your money from spending it on a new/used lens that you will only use once in your lifetime.

Many photographers are likely to have a particular style and usually that is what they stick to. They stick to what they know and they stick to what they like and they stick to what they're good at. But when someone asks you to do something outside of your comfort zone.. are you likely to reject them? Or live up to the challenge? I'd guess the latter if you're an adventurous and creative thinking photographer. More than likely you will say yes to your dear friend and between then and the time you need to take the photo shoot, you will be thinking up ways to make it happen. Pretty ambitious people aren't we? Haha.

Well, don't be embarrassed to borrow a lens. Especially when you will be paying for it anyway. There is nothing wrong with being resourceful and making smart choices. Sure you MAY need that lens once more after this shoot but would it be worth buying? Will it be worth its value after say ... one or two years? Or five? If not, wouldn't it be worth it to just rent the lens once or twice, save your money and your space for the most important pieces of your equipment? I believe so.

Tell me what you think?

Lets see it from another view....

Check out these photographers testimonials sharing their experience with a helpful website using the borrowing tool to their advantage. Click on the link below.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What is the Best Computer for Editing the Art You've Just Captured?

This question is one of the most important for many professionals. What am I going to use to edit my footage or my photos? Well it honestly depends on your expertise with the editing programs but in all actuallity you must have a device to do it on in the first place!

So which one is the BEST? Mac or PC?

The answer lies in the minds of the beholder. Everyone has their own preferences and comfortability. Some prefer Apple products for almost every electronic they use on a daily basis. Others are much more savy with PC computers and they would prefer to stick with what they know.

Anyone who is tech savy will know and understand the better features of a Mac computer and see the reasoning behind such higher prices: Quality. I believe that Apple has many advatages including the fact that they do not get viruses. I see that to be a huge benefit of any professional trying to use a computer for their business. Other benefits include the Retina Display, the elegance of a Mac, and even the super high techy stuff that I do not have any clue about!
With that being said, don't take my word for it; Listen to this guy.

In this article, DigitalRev has voiced their opinion on which is better and why.

DigitalRev - Why Apple Macs are Better.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Time is a Dimension

This Blog is quite inspirational. The art that is posted on here is phenomenal and I can only hope to get this far in the creativty level. I myself am more of a analytical person but I very much enjoy and admire the art of the creative type, like my husband.

Here is the link:

Photography Blogger

The Details in Photgraphy are not only Determined by the Quality of Equipment, but also by the Moment Captured.

When a person gets into photography, what are the factors that determine how great the photography is? Does the equipment being used make a difference? Or is it just dependent upon who is behind the lens? Do the settings have to be a particular way for a picture to come out right or will Automatic settings do justice? All these elements and many more determine a great picture. But that is not all. See, photography is a huge form of art. There is a passion for it and a story behind each frame or picture captured. The meaning and value of the art in photgraphy, lies in the hands of the beholder and can be very different from the eyes of the observer. Here is a photo with lots of detail. This photo captured a moving subject and managed to focus it just right to get the angle desired and precise details in the right manner. What an amazing story. It has the adventure and brings in all the details making me feel a part of that story. I can see the little grains of dirt flying in my face from the back tire of the bike!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

There is more to Photography than what meets the Eye.

I myself have not learned all the ropes of photography. I am pretty sure many of you out there have not either. There are so many elements to it. ISO, exposure, aperature, shutter speed, lighting, angles, lenses, depth of field and much much more I haven't even got a clue on how to explain! That is the best part about this field; You are always learning. I continue to learn something new everyday and with each new lesson I become more of an expert and you can too!

At this point, I am still a beginner so I am not going to try and tell you all the things that make a great photo or photographer for that matter. I am simply a great source of information that can lead you to more useful information. This will create more pathways for broadening your skills or expertise. The more you know, the better you will be.

I have been reading up on this article for a couple weeks now, trying to figure out what elements are used and adjusted for exposure to create a more crisp look (without noise). It also has much much more useful information in the realms of learning about photography in general. But don't take my word for it; read it yourself! =)

Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

10 Signs You're a Photo Geek

DigitalRev - 10 Signs You're a Photo Geek

DigitalRev is quite inspiring to me. I think this video is funny but also very concise on determining whether or not you are actually into photography. Many people talk about being a photographer and hold a camera like one; but honestly, how many of you actually enjoy and LOVE to take pictures? Do you check the specs of each camera you buy before you buy it? Do you adjust your settings to create the perfect image you would like to portray? Do you even use the manual settings on your camera? If you answered no to any of these questions, I'm not saying you are not a real photographer.... I am just simply saying I don't think you're into it as much as you say you are. Knowledge is Power. It is also the key to who you are as a person!

Tell me more about being a camera geek. I'm genuinely interested! =)